KUDHVA - Glamping North Cornwall


KUDHVA means “Hideout” in the Cornish dialect.

KUDHVA - glamping Cornwall

There are times in your life when really exciting things happen. I think its happening right now. I saw a piece of land last year 1 mile for Trebawith Strand a surf break and gorgeous inhabited cove in North Cornwall. It was an long abandoned Slate Quarry with x 2 water sources and a Grade 11 listed engine house. PURE MAGIC. With 180 degree views it looks over the sea, gull rock (which looks like a Baboons head rising from the sea) and Kirin Island from the famous Five book. ITS WILD.


I’ve never been to a place thats invited that in me so much. Maybe because it’s a man made environment thats grown over. I’ve been developing the concept with Architect BEN HUGGINS over the last year. We have conceived 2 man and 4 man KUDHVA a reception building with boutique shop and juice bar – a pop up restaurant on a yearly cycle with guest chefs, architect in residence and an Architecture Summer school just for starters.

KUDHVA glamping North Cornwall 2016-06-17_0013

There will be spots located around the site where you KUD (could) wild swim in the old resevoir, do yoga in a temple, sunbathe on a tree hammock courtesy of TENTSILE , read a book in the forest library on well being or architecture, draw or paint a sea landscape on a hidden 9 foot tall slate eisel. All subtle well designed interventions to raise your happiness levels and expand your mind. Part of the ongoing BE GOLDEN MOVEMENT.(#begoldenmovement). I keep the unopened flower in my heart that my boys will have a creative and fruitful life if I lead them into the KUDHVA.