Golden Bear Belts

LEATHER BELT handmade from CROGGAN’S tannery

Thats what we do best. We make leather belts. Hand cut from the hide. This pair of belts was a payment. A SWAP . I met a guy called TINO at an art exhibition. He had cut his head recently but no one asked why. I couldn’t resist. He’d found an old catamaran in the mud near Burnham- on -Sea. Dug it out. And sailed to this exhibition. A true Adventurer. He’d fallen through a light weight temporary wooden seat into the sea and managed to grab hold of a rope (the main sheet) as it slipped past his neck. Anyway we got talking about leather, and the leather belts I make in my creative studio based here in North Devon on the banks if the Torridge. He said he had three old OAK TANNED hides from the Cornish tannery CROGGAN’S. That I could have if I wanted. I said I’d fairly SWAP them for a belt for him and his lady. CROGGANS no longer exists like most tanneries in the UK they have so sadly disappeared and only in the last 30 years. Tino had given me his number and also promised to take me out on the Polynesian Catamaran. He lives in the middle of nowhere, the Bermuda Triangle of Bodmin. He was surprised to hear my voice – and poor guy had to give me directions over six times. However I made it down a mile track as the light dropped to find the most beautiful fairy tale house with a welcoming burning fire. Anyway fulfilling our deal Golden Bear Belts made these bespoke belts that will last longer than the brass rivets that hold them together. Life is made of LETS DO IT MOMENTS this was one of them. I loved it. Another story to tell another place visited another friend made.



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