Makers Film - leather belts

Golden Bear Belts film made by SHIMNIX FILMS

The very talented and extremely gracious Jessica Pearson of SHIMNIX FILMS offered to make a film about GOLDEN BEAR BELTS makers of fine handmade leather belts. Of course we jumped at the chance. Press – Yes. I am a visual person always lapping up creative information for my daily medicine. I had seen a few films that I had loved about Makers one specifically about a surfboard maker and his craft. It was so simple showing the art of making a board. It said it all. I showed Jess and she agreed we could use this as a reference point. Sometimes people don’t understand what goes into making a belt by us GOLDEN BEAR BELTS. Its simply not cutting the strap, using a pattern, beveling, hand stitching , polishing. Its more that that. The applied decoration carefully thought out, a tale for the wearer, something that has great meaning. A talisman for daily life. I think this beautifully shot film shows just that. Pure and simple. How we, here at GOLDEN BEAR BELTS make your leather belt. We decided to use a split screen mixing colour shots with black and white, It gives the film pace. We get lucky on a daily basis in this part of the world – Joe Burn let us use some of his Beats. He lives 10 meters from the studio and has got impecible taste, rythme, style working with the likes of Skitz, Deadly Hunter and a plethora of music talent. It was such a delicious and smooth process making the film. Jess like other photographers and film makers I know has the art of making herself invisible its a super hero skill that the best have. It enables them to capture you in your most natural of states. Jess’s tag line for her company SHIMNIX is ” the distribution of bright sparks “. This is 100% what she does, soft and mellow but prompt and professional she has a natural eye for the moving image, capturing a moment. With her deep understanding of music she edits to the beat. It works a thing of beauty. Its been a pleasure having SHIMNIX film us here at GOLDEN BEAR BELTS. The outcome a beautiful, lyrical film that says it all, tells a story, captures a vibe. Thank you Jess. Watch this space for an ongoing project THE MAKERS SERIES.

Makers Film

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