handmade leather belts


So I’ve taken some time out, I’ve had to STOP! Grind to a halt. CORNWALL, Devon’s salty sister is my hideout. My bed, my van. My friend and co pilot Mabel the dog. A night next to the prohibited / don’t camp sign always makes me feel good, stirs up the renegade spirit in me. I slept so well last night next to the roaring sea, a lullaby soundtrack. A cup of lapsang sushcong mixed with a clipper blend makes me feel decadent & British, old school. A dip in Neptune’s ink with a borrowed Gulf Stream orange board. handmade leather beltsThanks Iona. I’m set up for the day. I’ve been feeling exhausted, battered, low. Trying to grab onto the edge. I’ve reached a saturation point. With me I always know as it so rare that I can’t create. The recipe, a trip away to write, download the internal & most importantly to have an adventure – discover somewhere NEW. I have every OS map of Devon and Cornwall in the back of my van. I’m becoming a bit obsessed by this bit of coast line since I found a slate temple made by a young man called Khan which means STONE in Cornish. I’ve known about a route, a small pathway I’ve seen going off the main track so I take that, its pretty steep and I’ve only got my cowboy boots on, as I start I come across some wild mountain goats !!!! handmade leather beltsI start heading to the sand but its way too steep, theres no route here. I have to give myself a talking to. Todays not the day to make it down to the sand. Armed with my diary, a copy of FEIRCE MEDICINE by Ana Forrest, my download book and a gold leather backed book I write and sunbathe sucking up the golden rays from a perch high on the edge of a cliff. With a view of a giant square hole once a quarry. I let the wind take my thoughts out onto the breeze beyond the horizon and into the either. Thank you Cornwall, England for your extreme beauty and open arms. I feel alive again. Dreaming up NEW BELTS.handmade leather belts