Golden Bear Belts




Abby Mosseri, friend, creative confident and all round babe slash vital goddess. Made me one of my most favourite and prized possessions to date. My “SACRED EYE” earrings. They are a thing of chic beauty. They could have been dug up from an Egyptian Queens Crypt. Abby works around the stones that she carefully selects with her trained eye. From her 20 plus years of being a jeweller. The stone comes first, making your “Modern Treasure” a truly bespoke piece. Luckily for me she found two rich deep purple amethysts. Encased in a gold the colour that one rarely sees. A rich yellow Indian gold that looks soft to touch.  The Gold encases the gems creating the shape of an eye. Three eyelashes hang like droplets of rain and they move! KINETIC JEWELRY. I got to see Abby at the weekend and have been desperate to tell her not only that I feel like a million dollars when I wear these earrings. Not only that no one ever looks at my face when I’ve got them on, they are always looking at my ears and these beautiful gold pieces hanging from them. Not only that I never take them off at night OR EVER because they are so ergonomically well made. BUT that they make a sound underwater !!!!!!!!!!!! The cherry on the cake. I discovered this whilst swimming in a lake at the Wilderness Festival & a river at Festival 6. Pure Perfection.